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World cycle tours & more

World tour slideshows, Bikes, Gear, Camping & Links

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This section includes links for slideshows from past world cycling tours to uncommon corners of our globe. There are also pages on bikes, gear, camping & links

I've done longer cycle tours in central Asia, the middle east, SE Asia, Africa & the far north of North America. I've packaged some slideshows (~30 photos each), with a little background text. Apologies, but the photo quality is poor for the earliest trips to the far north and eastern Indonesia.

People are very interested in bikes, biking gear and camping gear for cycle touring. So, I've shared a little info on what I've used, and my experiences over the years - what has worked for me, and not worked. Over a lot of tours in a lot of places, I've gone through a whole bunch of lessons learned.

Here's some links I've found valuable, or think might be useful to viewers. Some are travel planning related, such as campsites or ferry schedules. Others are bike and gear related, with other links for sites or blogs from touring cyclists. You'll see they are grouped into sections. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list and it is growing over time. 

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