Fine site along east shores of Upper Quinsam Lake, looking west over lake up to the mountains of Strathcona Park. Campground is sometimes called Upper Quinsam Lake Rec Camp.


One of the forestry campsites developed and maintained by Timberwest Logging Company. Closed in winter and requires reservations in season (haven't tried this). Around a dozen attractive, spacious, well spaced & treed sites, with tables and fire pits and (mostly) lakeside access. Boat launch and swimming rafts. Fine views west across the lake to the interior mountains. Coupled with a good ride to reach Upper Quinsam Lake, this is an excellent destination, and worth the bother of making reservations.

Road up into Upper Quinsam & Wokas Lakes, west of Campbell River, south off Gold River Highway (Hwy28) & Argonaut Main. Make sure you don't confuse Upper, Middle & Lower Quinsam lakes

road to Upper Quinsam Lake | Willington Point Rec Camp | cycle touring Vancouver Island

To get to the campground, head west from Campbell River along Hwy28 (Gold River Hwy), branching SW on big, wide Argonaut Main. You'll pass the turn off NE to Middle Quinsam Lake (and active Quinsam Coal Mine, possibly with some big trucks). As you see in the photo above, it's a fine ride, about 25 kms from Campbell River, with a number of other neighbouring camping options, including close by Wokas Lake Rec Camp.

If you prefer to ride backroads, you could head west from Campbell River along Elk Main until you intersect Argonaut Main. There's some info on this route in the fav ride west into Strathcona Park.


In-season reservations are required. It's rather hard to find contact details. The Timberwest website is at They have a link near the bottom for "access information", where you can then click on a link for "camping" to get to info on reserving at Willington Point.  

Willington Point Rec Camp | Upper Quinsam Lake | cycle touring Vancouver Island | Timberwest Logging Company

Campsite at Willington Point, Upper Quinsam Lake. One can look west across the lake to Strathcona Park and the high mountains of the interior of the Island.  

I debated whether I should include this as a favourite campsite. The idea that reservations must be made, even if the campsite has lots of room, strikes me of moving in the direction of more closely constraining public access into the backwoods.  That said, the site is excellent, the ride worthwhile, and we'll see if people communicate any troublesome experiences. It's good to encourage and recognize the efforts some logging companies put into maintaining fortestry campgrounds - though I'm not sure this is the best path.

Routes to Willington Point (Upper Quinsam Lake) Rec Campground
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A rainy day, late fall, at nearby Wokas Lake Rec Campsite

Wokas Lake Rec Camp | west from Campbell River | cycle touring Vancouver Island