Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast

Interactive Maps

This website organizes core content about rides and camping into 3 inter-connected sections (Rides & Camping option along top menu). Click on links below to go to maps on page below.

  1. Main geographic areas or hubs for cycle touring 

  2. Excellent (recommended) rides - with separate lists of rides for i) popular routes in regularly visited areas, and ii) more rugged backroads rides out to remote areas

  3. Favourite Campgrounds


This page groups 3 overall interactive maps for Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast, so you can better see the different Areas, and a select few (my favourite favourites) rides and campgrounds. Each map has buttons that you can click on to jump to the pages for more info.

As you'll gather, this website is full of maps. There are further interactive maps for the favourite rides and campgrounds within each Area. And then there are individual maps on the pages for each ride and each campground.

Alas, the interactive maps don't work on the mobile version of this site, so if you're checking things out by phone, this feature (and this page) won't be available.


Long Beach, Tofino, Green P:oint Campground, favourite bike tour

The endless sands of Long Beach, just south of Tofino. This pic is in front of Green Point Campground, a favourite. Even on rainy days, the surfers and beachwalkers will be out in force, year round.

Map 1: Van Isle & Sunshine Coast Areas

To help organize the website, I've grouped content into some overlapping geographic 'Areas', some of which I also think of as riding hubs. You can see these in the red buttons below, or jump to the 'Areas' section to read more, and also see more interactive maps that show favourite rides & campsites with in each area. 

A few things to note. The North Island area is huge, basically north from Campbell River. Courtenay and the Central Island are shown as smaller button, as they are more like sub-areas that I wanted to call out for some special attention. I've not set up an Area button for the Gulf Islands, as it would need to stretch from Saltspring Island in the south all the ay up to Malcolm Island in the north, with more islnds between roped in. Click on Gulf Islands if you want to check out more.  Finally, area boundaries are purposely fuzzy, and many rides stretch out through multiple Areas. 

Map 2: Excellent (recommended) rides

There are 2 lists of rides you can choose from. Check out these rides (green buttons on map) has routes in popular areas accessible to any cycle tourists. Fav backroads rides (blue buttons) gets out into remote terrain on rougher roads, and is for riders and bike packers who seek this out.  

Within the Rides sections there are lots more rides to look at and choose from. I've put interactive links to a few of my own VERY favourite rides on the map below (simply because there's no room to put them all on). If you want to check out more detailed interactive maps, you can visit the different Area pages: each area has interactive maps for favourite rides and campgrounds.

Map 3: Favourite Campgrounds

And here's some of my favourite campgrounds.  


If you want to check out more detailed interactive maps, you can visit the different Area pages: each area has interactive maps for favourite rides and (lots more) campgrounds.

Vernon Lake Rec Camp, south of Woss. Great place, even though it's pretty remote. There's even a campground host in season. Lots of lakeside sites with grand views down the lake. 

Vernon Lake Rec Camp, south of Woss, backroads bike tour, north Vancouver Island