Surly Long Haul Trucker 700c Drop Bar

I liked that The Long Haul Trucker (LHT) was steel & could take fatter tires, though not so fat as I've grown to like over the years. 


I still keep this bike going, but only for certain rides. I've put 28c tires on and use it mostly for loaded paved road rides, such as down the Island to visit the parents. The components are average (Brooks flyer saddle aside), V brakes, rings set up for good roads (nothing too steep), and a bike stand. I've got Tubus low rider front racks with a Surly big platform rear rack.



Surly Long Haul Trucker review | Surly LHT touring bike discussion | cycle touring Vancouver Island

This LHT is an older bike, pre-dating disc brakes on touring bikes, but I expect it will still be doing full service for years to come. I used to think that if I ever decide to ride across Canada, mostly on paved routes, this would be the bike I'd take. With good tires (say, Schwalbe 32c or 35c), it would do just fine on the Trans Canada Trail.

The photo below is from Rathtrevor Provincial Campground, Central Vancouver Island. You can see I had a little company.

Surly Long Haul Trucker | Surly LHT bike discussion | cycle camping at Rathtrevor Park