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North Island 1000 Loop

The North Island 1000 is a 1,000 kilometre route that connects all the small towns of the north end of Vancouver Island. The route uses existing backroads logging tracks. Local quadders have been helping to put things together. Where quads and dirt bikes can go, it's my belief that backroads cycle tourists can always go as well.

Here's a link to an intro article in Riders West Mag, complete with map: . The pic below, by Graham Lindenbach, came from this article.

Here's a link to , which includes links to a page where you can download some GPX files with the routes tracks (including some side trips). As well as an intro video from 2020. also includes a link to a page called 'Ride it your way'. It includes a short section on mountain biking/cyclocross. You'll see a link which goes to (surprise to me!) a 2019 article I wrote on cycling the North Island, with some photos that you may recognize (posted on Leigh McAdam's excellent 'Hike Bike Travel' blog).

Most of the route segments that make up the North island 1000 are part of rides on the website (or at least close to the same tracks). However, being able to have a go at the North Island as a great big loop makes for an excellent riding option (vs there and back on various legs). In addition, I would suspect that loggers along the route will likely be keeping a closer eye out for others, which is always good.

After a quick look, one new connection stands out (there may be more):

  • using old tracks I noted from the Backroads Mapbook, I spent several days trying to find an old forestry track from Zeballos south to Tahsis, but things were overgrown/decommissioned. But a Zeballos Parks contact said they were putting in place a "groomed" hiking trail to be ready for 2020. I would guess this is the dotted link on their map

This is my first Blog Post in a real long time, and I've kind of moved on to new things. But I think this news is worth sharing. I'd welcome feedback from intrepid riders who take a closer look at this new North Island 1000.

And I love the fact the route is built around all the small communities of the North Island.

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