Adam River Ramble

NW from Sayward along Vancouver Island's NE coast, one of the Island's big rivers, the Adam, flows into Johnstone Strait after merging with its main tributary, the (what else?) Eve River. Last year, I followed the Eve to the coast, then west to Naka Creek (a Fav campground). Now I wanted to ride up into the huge hinterland east of the Lower Adam River.

See my route map below. I drove north and left my car in Sayward. This was a short ride - 2 days and one night. I'd planned to stay an extra day, and head back to Naka Creek, but there'd been smoky intervals from all the forest fires a little further north, so I cut things back.

Along the top left of the map, you'll see 3 circles around remote little marine campgrounds I wanted to check out. As it turned out, I was only able to reach the middle one. It was west of Windy Point, just up from a long abandoned seaside clearing - perhaps it had been a dry log sort in days gone by. My campsite (see top pic) was at the end of a partially overgrown little track down to the seaside. Grasses had reclaimed most of the area. But there was still a solid wooden walkway down to rocks just off the shore, where boats can moor and cyclists can dive in for a refreshing (whooiiee!) swim.

I made getting to the Adam River harder than needed by taking a logging road west from Sayward village through the middle of the hinterland. Right off the bat, it climbed 600m and near knocked the stuffing out of me. But then a fabulous long descent. A notable plus this trip was that I did not meet a single other vehicle until I eventually got back to the highway. As you can see though in the pic below, from above Haihte Lake, the area does see logging at times. That's me in the top right, after a recovery break at the top of the climb up from Sayward.

East of the mouth of the Adam River is part of Haylahte First Nation traditional lands. The pic below shows the grand view from above the furthest west (left) of the three camps I tried to reach. I was able to get fairly close to the seaside before the road became overgrown. This was right beside an Haylahte reserve near the mouth of the Adam. Some grand riding.

My seaside campground may not have had fine trappings or services, but it was definitely the highlight of the trip. There was a breeze off Johnstone Strait to keep the bugs away and the smoke further inland. My bracing swim brought me back to life. And after cooking dinner, I relaxed and watched a succession of boats navigate south through the Strait, including the grand lady in the pic below. Then I slept like a rock.

I'll finish with a little north Island whimsy. The pic below is from along the Highway, just south of Sayward. I had to do a double take. Look carefully in the lower right quadrant. Can you see anything unusual?

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