Sarah Point & the Sunshine Coast Trailhead

I'd done a past ride north from Powell River to Lund and Okeover Arm Park. A few months ago, I heard there are logging tracks all the way to Sarah Point (see pic below) at the far north tip of the Malaspina Peninsula. Sarah Point is the northern trailhead of the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail, that takes hikers all the way south to Saltery Bay.

Once again, I started by riding north along the paved Sunshine Coast highway to Lund. I camped just south of Lund at the seaside Dinner Rock Rec Camp, run by the Tla'Amin First Nation. Beautiful spot (see photo following), but a beast of a climb back up to the highway to start the next day.

North from Lund up to Sarah Point is only ~20 kms, so this is not a distance ride. If you choose to do this as a day trip (though I'd recommend one night camping at Sarah Point), the best options to camp are at either Dinner Rock, or Okeover Arm Provincial Park (see bottom pic), both just south of Lund.

Stopped in at Lund, where the scenic little bay and marina has a hotel, some shops as well as a fabulous seaside coffee house and bakery that opens at 8am. See photo from along the boardwalk below. To the left is the Boardwalk restaurant. Lund is also a hub for 'water taxis', taking adventurous folks to destinations like nearby Savary island or Cortes Island (off Campbell River), or up to Sarah Point.

The ride up to Sarah Point may be short, but there's mean hills all the way. The dirt track is decent up to the exclusive gated community and marina of Bliss Landing. Who knew there was a little community up here, and a very well heeled one at that? The name sounds like some kind of cult, but Wikipedia says this was a former cannery town in days gone by, likely named after Joe Blissto, an early settler.

North from the Bliss Landing turnoff, the road gets positively nasty. The last few kms in to Sarah Point are very steep, and loose stone makes riding (even pushing) real tough. Things start to feel really remote.

When the track finally descends to the seaside, you'll see the trail heading off to the east just in from the shores.

In 2015, the Sunshine Coast Trail was named by Explore magazine as one of the 50 best hikes in the world. Attracting hikers from around the world, this epic hiking trail now boasts 14 huts with one more planned next year, making it Canada’s Longest Hut-To-Hut Hiking Trail – and the only free one. Below is a view from above Sarah Point.

From Sarah Point, I backtracked a bit, then headed east along a logging track, hoping to find a way across the top of the peninsula (there was nothing on my maps). After some iffy trial & error, I found my way over to the east shores, where I wild camped. Next morning, I looped back to reach the west coast via an old track called 'Bliss Portage' (pic below). Some fabulous riding. See the new Fav backroads ride, North to Sarah Point, for more details on this ride.

If you're interested to check out the Sunshine Coast Trail, you'll be in protected forest along the northern & eastern shores of the Peninsula: Malaspina Provincial Park was established in 2001.

I camped a final night at Okeover Arm Provincial Park, about 6-7 kms SE of Lund. I like to stop here as they have a top end restaurant called the Laughing Oyster just beside the campground (go figure - highly recommended). In season, most of their business is boaters coming from Desolation Sound and the wondrous inlets to the north. The pic below is from outside the restaurant (some view!). I'm told that in season visiting boats overflow the docks. They had a buffet that night, and I totally went to town.


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