Hidden Bays of NE Texada

A few months past, I found a new map of Texada Island with some roads and bays along the NE coast I'd not seen before. I thought I'd best check it out. Distances are modest, but I was up for some sunny seaside camping, so planned for 4 days.

The weather was glorious. The pic above is from Shehtekwahn Bay (see map below), known by most maps and locals as Pocahantas Bay. There's a number of camping areas around the bay, where Whisky Still Creek (there's a story, no doubt) flows into the sea. I was visited by sea lions through the day.

I discovered that one reason I had not seen these roads before was that some had seen better days. There were some beastly hills and ornery stretches. But also some wonderful riding.

The pic above is from NE Bay. The road was steep with a few trees down, so vehicles no longer make it in. A couple of small clearings were mossy and becoming overgrown. If you look carefully you can see my tent, just left of center, up from Russ Creek.

The shot below is also from NE Bay, at dusk, looking out over the Malaspina Strait to the Sunshine Coast beyond.

Below, you can see the 4 bays south of Van Anda that I visited. I camped at Shehtekwahn, NE Bay, and Hydro Sub-Station - all seaside, and didn't see another soul for 3 days.

The shot following is from the informal seaside camp just below the Hydro Sub-Station. This is where the underwater power cable from the Sunshine Coast comes ashore on Texada.

This final pic was along Bell Road during my ride back to Blubber Bay ferry terminal (former whaling center) at the north tip of Texada. Takes a hardy farmer to make a go of things on Texada, better known for its colourful history of mining, distilleries, smuggling, marijuana farming, biker gangs, alternate lifestyles and so forth. Lots of character.

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