Courtenay's backyard

It's been a grudging arrival, but spring is upon us (knock on wood). I need some toughening up, so did a couple of rides close by Courtenay, getting out for some fresh air & camping.

The pic above is from the SE corner of Wolf Lake, about 20 kms NW of Courtenay. Great little informal spot. As you can see below, a few rough stretches to get in.

Gorgeous blue skies today, and I've just returned from a quick overnighter up into the Beaufort Range, SW from nearby Cumberland. Didn't get as far as I'd planned, as the higher roads are still clogged by snow, but camped at small Cleo Lake. A little snow about, and there was ice on the lake in the morning. The lakeshore is marshy, and I went to sleep to a veritable symphony of frogs - like they're trying to make up for lost time.

This final pic, from my way back home this morning, shows a view of the Comox Valley, the Strait of Georgia beyond, and the BC mainland in the distance. All this right close to home: Courtenay and surrounding areas can really hit the spot.

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