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Kicking Back on Denman Island

Yesterday morning was cold, with gorgeous blue skies. Seemed to me that a night beside the ocean was in order, so I packed up and headed south to Denman Island.

This was a short ride (~35kms) on good road, so I brought my comfort gear. As you can see below, I was pretty loaded up.

Fog started to set in. The shot below is from Union Bay. You can see the north end of Denman Island on the left.

One catches the ferry to Denman at Buckley Bay. There's a little local coffee shop (lots of character and knick knacks) hidden around the back, if you need to wait a while.

The pic below shows a backup ferry docked at Buckley Bay. The fog has settled in. The ride across to Denman is 2 kms and less than 15 minutes. You're on what I think is Vancouver Island's only cable ferry.

I'd heard from a friend one can ride up the NW of Denman then loop over to the east shores to head south again. I tried unsuccessfully to do this in the past, but this time succeeded, including a bit of a climb over the interior spine.

You can see the Beaufort Range of Vancouver Island's interior in the distance, and below, you can just see the top of the band of fog over the strait.

I camped the night at Fillongley Provincial Park. I got set up pretty early, leaving lots of time to walk the beach and the park's forest trails ... while munching away almost non-stop.

I woke up in the cold morning to the honking of geese and hollering of sea lions (reminded me of the office).

I had morning coffee at the seaside. There was a promenade of ducks and geese, and the occasional seal or sea lion, cruising the shores looking into seaweed or fish for breakfast.

In the morning, I headed directly back to the ferry, up and over the middle of the island. There's a walking/biking trail from one side of the island to the other, which makes for a fun ride - see to the left of the road in the frosty pic below.

And there's cozy coffee shop a little before one reaches the ferry terminal.

Not a drop of rain or snow. A fine little spur-of-the-moment overnighter.

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