New trends in bikeland

3 articles related to the biking world really caught my attention recently. I also need to test out this 'other stuff' category for blog posts, and this seemed a good way to go at it.

This 1st story is titled "Innovations Threaten the Neighbourhood Bike Store". There's several key points here. One is that service and maintenance is starting to go mobile, coming to people's homes when called, a big service /convenience plus. A second point is more interesting - that the current business model many local bike shops are forced into requires them to only deal with a few of the big bike makers in order to get stock on a sort of consignment basis. This model makes it real hard for innovative new bike makers and products to get to people through your local shops. Having bought several more recent bikes online, this really resonated. Click on pic below to check it out.

Mobile bike service shops now come to you

Sometimes these days I feel real long in the tooth. This article made me hope I may be able to keep up this riding game for some years yet. Title: "105 year old Frenchman sets cycling world record". He rode for a full hour, averaging over 22kph. Wonderful. Click on pic below to check it out.

105 year old cyclist still kicking it

This last story, from CBS, is called "60 Minutes investigates hidden motors & pro cycling". We've all heard a few stories, but it seems this is becoming part of the new world. They also speculate that hidden magnets may be the next hidden cheat on the horizon. We've all seen hybrid electric bikes, it would seem it's now only a matter of time until bikes that are "boosted" by tiny motors will likely be available to the wider public. Have you been wondering why your riding buddy seems to be getting stronger? Click on the pic below to check it out.

Hidden motors & pro cycling

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