Winter ride NW of Campbell River

I have a long standing tradition of heading out for a ride around New Years. This year I headed up to Campbell River early January 1, intending to head into the NW lakes region to connect to Memekay Main and (in theory) a backroads route that would rejoin the north highway up at Sayward Junction. Alas, though Courtenay was mostly clear of snow, that was not the case NW of Campbell River (as you see below).

Campbell River NW - approaching Brewster Lake Lake

The photo above was taken along Menzies Main, nearing Brewster Lake. You can see there had been enough traffic to flatten out some tracks to ride in. This changed, though, after reaching Brewster Lake and it became very tough to ride at all. So, I decided to camp for the night, at Mohun Lake (see below).

Winter camping on Brewster Lake

It got really cold (down to ~minus10, I figure), and I had to melt snow to cook as the near shore was iced in. I have a real good winter sleeping bag, so I was cozy. Met a hunter with his dog pack, out cougar hunting. I hadn't realized this was the season.

Next morning, I turned around and headed back to Campbell River. It was not a long or high elevation ride. I'll come back in some months to again try the Memekay Main back route to Sayward. Saw the eagle below along the seaside in Campbell River.

Eagle, along seaside in Campbell River

The map below shows this short overnighter. I followed the north Island Highway north until Menzies Main, then followed this east to Brewster Lake, before back-tracking to camp along south Mohun Lake, and heading home the next morning.

Winter ride to Mohun & Brewster Lakes

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