Riding links 2 (other links)

As noted in the previous page, I've split things into 2 pages of links: this is the 2nd page, with various links grouped into:

  • Bike tours, safety hints, blogs & stuff

  • Camping & the backwoods

  • Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast

  • Other.  

The 1st Links Page is local Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast bike shops. 

These links should not be considered endorsements. If you have some more links you think would be useful here, send them in, and I'll add them. Thx.

Gillies Bay Road, Texada Island | cycle touring Texada Island | cycling links

Along Gillies Bay Road, Texada Island

LINKS - Bike groups, tours, blogs & stuff:


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Powell Forest Canoe Circuit | cycling portage trails | bikepacking Sunshine Coast | cycling links

Riding portage trails of Powell Forest Canoe Circuit

LINKS - Camping & the backwoods:


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Bear Cove Ferry Terminal | outside Port Hardy | cycle touring north Vancouver Island | cycling links

Bear Cove Ferry Terminal, just south of Port Hardy

LINKS - Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast:


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Royston seaside trails | cycle touring Courtenay | cycle touring Vancouver Island | cycling links

Fabulous seaside trails at Royston, south of Courtenay

LINKS - Other:

Shelter Bay Regional Campground | cycle touring Texada Island | cycling links

Shelter Bay, Texada Island, mid March