Port Alberni & Tofino

Local Bike Maps & Off-Highway Paved Route Options

Port Alberni is west off the popular east coast cycle touring route up and down Vancouver Island. But it's a backroads touring hub, and the main stop along the paved secondary highway out to Tofino, Long beach, Ucluelet and the fabulous wild west coast. There's keen cyclists, worthwhile cycling trails - and a fine bike map.

Tofino is an outdoor adventure centre (with all the travel comforts). There's some riding trails worth being aware of, and I've included an overview of some impressive plans slated to be completed by 2020.

Here's the sections you'll find below, with links should you want to jump straight into a section:

Cycle touring Log Train Trail | cycle touring Port Alberni

This isn't a paved stretch, and I haven't ridden it yet, but the Log Train Trail sure looks like a fine cycle touring route to try out. This is the north trailhead, near the start of the old Valley Link Hwy to Comox Lake & Courtenay (see Fav backroads ride). More on this trail below.


Port Alberni Cycling Map

The excellent map below shows routes, trails  (single vs double track), local bike shops and lots more. You can jump to the online page via the link in the title above, or by clicking on the map below.  The map has been put together by Cycle Alberni,

"...the sustainable transportation committee of the Alberni Valley Transition Town Society, .... brings together bike advocates from across sectors to collaborate on and promote cycling initiatives in Port Alberni."

The map showed me some routes, particularly along the east of town, that I will be very interested to give a try in future days. Would appreciate any reports/updates from viewers who give some of the routes a try.

Port Alberni Cycling Map | cycle touring Port Alberni

Log Train Trail

I'd heard about the Log Train Trail for some time, but for some reason thought it was more for hiking than biking.  But this past spring (2018), I crossed it twice - once at the north trailhead (see above pic), and then crossing it coming down from Horne Lake near historic Mclean Mill (itself well worth a visit). It looked well maintained and wide enough for double track. And if there's an option to ride a fine 22km trail north from Port Alberni town to the start of the old Valley Link Hwy up to Comox Lake and Courtenay (a rough fav backroads ride), then I'm all for it. 

Here's a link to a webpage from the regional district (or you can click on the section title): there's a number of other sites out there, so you may want to just search for Log Train Trail. Below is a map, also from the region (with some labels added): if you want to check out the online version, just click on the map. 

Log Train Trail Map | cycling Log Train Trail | cycle touring Port Alberni

Tofino & the West Coast

Tofino, Long Beach, Ucluelet and the surrounding region are a great and distinct place to ride and visit. Check out the Fav ride for all, and Green Point, a Fav campground in the heart of Long Beach.

I can recall riding into Tofino, on the fine paved Multi-Use Path (some call it trail) that you can see in the map below. Click on the title above or the map to read more about plans: by 2020, in partnership with local First Nations, they plan to have the path extend all the way to Ucluelet.

The map I've included below (to enlarge, click on map to get to online version) is from the government website for astonishing Pacific Rim National Park, which stretches all the way SE to include the Broken Islands and West Coast Trail. 

Cycling map Tofino to Ucluelet | cycle touring Tofino