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Rides & Camping

Cycle Touring Vancouver Island

Rides & camping on Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast - this is what it's all about.


This section presents 3 related views to help you check out possibilities:

  • a favourite rides section (the heart of the website)

  • a favourite campgrounds section, and

  • a section on the main areas / riding hubs.


All throughout, there's lots of maps to point you in the right direction.

I think of the rides section as the heart of this website. Come to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast to treat yourself to some great cycle touring.

Check out the other pages in this section

Below is a guide to the pages in this 'Rides & Camping' section. Click on the pics to jump to the pages, or use the menu bar along the top.  

There's 2 sets of rides on Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast (3, including Honourable Mentions).

*  Fav rides for all - these rides are along popular routes (mostly paved), and should be accessible and manageable to all cycle tourists

*  Fav backroads rides - these rides get into the backroads, often on rough tracks, and are generally best for experienced riders or bikepackers 


All ride reports include maps and photos to give you a first hand view. 

Some fav camping spots

This was a tough one, as there's so much incredible choice. I've tried to pick a mix of areas & campsite types.  I'm not that swayed by the most facilities - more by sites in cool, beautiful, often remote settings. Rewarding rides in are also an influence (this is a riding website!).


You'll find maps and photos for each campsite page. Not surprisingly, many of these favourite campsites are also referenced as part of favourite rides.

Here's a different view of where the rides are, with Vancouver Island & the Sunshine Coast broken down into what I think of as the major riding areas, some of which are also major hubs.


For each area, you'll find info on some key attractions, rides and camping options, along with a map and great photos. 

This page bundles together thumbnails linked to Overview maps on the Intro pages for the main riding areas, favourite rides and favourite campgrounds. Below each overview map are linked lists in case you want to jump out to more detailed pages and individual fav rides or campgrounds, etc.

These map views help give you a better geographic sense of what you can find (rides, campgrounds, areas) and where you can find it.

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