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Jordan River Regional Park Campground

A Favourite Camping Spot

The SW Coast highway from Victoria to Port Renfrew is a gorgeous ride, with formal and trail campsites abounding, and an incredible (huge!) hinterland should you branch inland to the north. Jordan River Regional Campground has long been a favourite stop of mine. It's a seaside campground, though you can pitch tent in the trees so you have cover in ornery weather. You may need to bring your own water in. There's a coffee house down the road, and (the kicker!) there's almost always a small hard core group of surfers there to catch waves. Even in winter, you'll have interesting (slightly insane) company in the campground.  

Jordan River Regional Campground | surfing | cycle touring SW Vancouver Island

Here's one of the seaside campsites (you're advised to find a more sheltered site in winter) at Jordan River Regional Campground. In the ocean background you can just see several black dots - these are surfers, part of a wonderfully insane year round community of surfers who congregate here & just north at Sombrio Beach.

Jordan River is about 25+kms NW of Sooke along the west coast highway (see map below). A further 45kms will take you to Port Renfrew, the end of the coastal road (and a West Coast Trail trailhead). On my last visit, I came down right to Jordan River through the hinterland to the north, via East Forby Main for the last leg. Several years past, they closed this campground down for a while because of concerns about currents from the nearby Jordan River endangering surfers when they released water from up-river dams. They've now got a blast warning signal in place and the camp is back in business. 

If you want some more area info from a couple of Fav rides that pass by here, check out the Ride for all, or the Backroads ride

A stretch of grand seaside between Jordan River & Port Renfrew to the west. Wonderful riding.

Seaside cycling near Port Renfrew | cycle touring SW Vancouver Island
Routes to Jordan River Regional Park Campground
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Here's a link to the regional campsite webpage. There's 22 sites, including ~a half dozen walk-in sites, which work well for cycle tourists. A dozen or so sites are just off the parking area. They have a designated 'surfers area', which warms my heart. The website says there's a water station, but when I was last there in summer 2017, they were recommending against using the water (unsure if that might have improved). East from the camping areas is a seaside park stretching 3+kms down to popular Sandcut Beach. The coffee (and munchies) house is a km or so west of the campground along the West Coast Road.

Jordan River Regional Camp | surfing | cycle touring SW Vancouver Island

A rather dreary day, but if you look carefully, you'll see the black dots out there trying to catch a wave. A really hard core group was out at first light my last visit as the tides were promising

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