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What more could one ask for than the wild west coast - endless sandy beaches, storm walking, travellers from around the world, Canada's largest surfing colony & the nearby tourist friendly towns of Tofino & Ucluelet. A wonderful place to hang out for a time, and a good, remote ride (all paved!) from Port Alberni. Located within fabulous Pacific Rim National Park, Green Point Camp is set back from renowned Long Beach. It's a big campground with a hundred vehicle sites, but also 20 walk-in sites, great for cyclists. It fills up every night during high season, so reservations are important. Well worth a few nights. 

Named by Backroads Mapbook as one of Canada's Top 50 Campgrounds!

Green Point Campground is along magnificent Long Beach, a magnet for surfers and beach walkers from around the world

Long Beach at Green Point Campground  | Pacific Rim National Park | cycle touring Vancouver Island

It's a fairly expensive campground, at $40+ in season, plus a modest park entry fee. There are lots of other private RV and campground options about, but they are mostly also expensive. There are wild camping options along the Pacific Rim Highway (aka Hwy 4) coming from Port Alberni, but fewer options along the coastal roads near Long Beach & Tofino. Ask around with other campers and travellers. My thoughts were that being at Green Point along Long Beach was well worth the fee.

Pacific Rim Highway to Tofino | cycle touring Vancouver Island

The ride west from Port Alberni along the Pacific Rim Highway has long remote stretches through some pretty wild country, with some sharp climbs and twisting sections to make things interesting. Here you see the Kennedy River, which flows west into giant Kennedy lake

One of the attractions of Green Point is that it is only ~20kms SE of Tofino, or ~20kms NW of Ucluelet, both of which have some world class tourism attractions. The seaside road is fairly flat, with a segregated paved cycling trail for most of the way. If you like to treat yourself to food and drink, meet other travellers, or check out some of the adventure tourism options, head to one of the villages. Tofino is a little larger, with a little more of a tourism personality, but both are wonderfully scenic, with lots to do. Consider taking a boat out to some of the endless nearby islands.

Long Beach is a surfing destination. Here's a cyclist in Tofino carrying a rather different load of gear.

surfing & cycling in Tofino | Green Point Campground | cycle touring Vancouver Island
Ucluelet harbour | Green Point Campground | cycle touring Vancouver Island

Ucluelet harbour. Check out the cyclist at the end of the dock. Shortly, a small boat arrived to pick her - and cycle - up.

From Port Alberni to the coast is 91km, all paved, with a further 10kms north along the coast to Green Point Campground. Just follow Highway 4 (aka Pacific Rim Hwy) all the way to the coast, then turn right.

The elevation only gets to ~250m at Sutton Pass, but the ride feels harder and more remote. There's some nasty, steep little hills (one signed for an 18 degree incline), some stretches where the shoulders are pretty pinched, and some wonderful twisting and turning to keep you very awake. 

From the campground to Tofino is 20+kms of mostly flat riding.  If you go out in the off season, you'll see that a local attraction is storm walking along the endless beaches - local resorts include serious rain gear as a part of standard rooms.

Route to Green Point Campground

Location & route map | Green Point Campground | cycle touring Vancouver Island | Pacific Rim National Park
Tofino harbour | Green Point Campground | cycle touring Vancouver Island

The bustling harbour at Tofino

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