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Georgie Lake Rec Campsite

A Favourite Camping Spot

On my first major ride in the north some years past, Georgie Lake Rec Camp stood out as a real nice camping spot. It may have had a little to do with the weather, as it was my only dry spot in miserable February rains. That said, the campground sites nearer the lake were nicely laid out and maintained, the ride in good, and the view up the lake at dusk (see pic below) was wonderful.   

But, to be clear - there is nothing special here. Just the basics along a fine lake just off the main road, NW from Port Hardy. This site gets a few bonus points as there are few Rec Camps in this neck of the woods - ands it's nicer than nearby Nawitti along the main road to Holberg.

Georgie Lake Rec Camp | bikepacking west from Port Hardy | cycle touring north Vancouver Island

Camping at Georgie Lake. A welcome break from February rains to try & dry gear out. 

Port Hardy is the northern end of the paved Island Highway, and the terminal for the BC ferry (see bottom pic) north to Bella Bella and Prince Rupert. Georgie Lake Rec Camp is at the SE corner of Georgie Lake. 


Head west from Port Hardy on Holberg Road (dirt road) for about 7 kms, then turn right north onto Georgie Lake FSR - it's another 5+kms to the campsite. There's 9 sites, tables and outhouses, a boat launch and small beach. 

Route to Georgie Lake Rec Campsite
Location & route map | Georgie Lake Rec Camp | bikepacking north Vancouver Island

On the map above, you can see my blue route through the NW Island from a Fav backroads ride - Top of the Island

You can see a blue track that heads north just west of Nawitti Lake, where there's another Rec Camp (that had been hugely damaged by a wind storm - lots of tress down - when I last visited in spring 2017). Anyway. there's a backroads network that heads NW along the south of Georgie Lake that I tried to connect with north of Nahwitti Lake. The road I was on eventually disappeared (overgrown). But I could see another road network up the other side of a valley to my NE. I hadn't packed to bushwhack my bike and gear through (likely only 1-2kms), so had to turn back. That said, this might be a worthy route to try in the future, coming back down SE to Georgie Lake.

Georgie Lake Rec Camp | bikepacking west of Port Hardy | cycle touring north Vancouver Island

View north along Georgie Lake at dusk. Up at this north end of the Island, there are few formal Rec Campsites like Georgie Lake

Port Hardy BC ferry terminal at Bear Cove just south of town.  The ferry heads north up the incredible Inside Passage to Prince Rupert.

Beaver Cove ferry terminal | Port Hardy | cycle touring north Vancouver Island
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