Campbell River - Northern Gateway

Local Bike Maps & Off-Highway Paved Route Options

Campbell River is a regular destination for me, both passing through enroute to the incredible backroads hinterlands, to Quadra & Cortes Islands, or on my way to the vast north Island. I also do pretty regular training rides up from Courtenay for a coffee, when I'm not out on longer rides.

Without going off onto the backroads, I've not found any off-highway route options heading into Campbell River from the south. As the old highway heading is mostly right along the seaside for the last 15kms, with the last 6kms also having the Rotary Walkway (see notes with pic below), I enjoy the ride even though there can sometimes be traffic. There is a decent basic shoulder.

Here's a couple of maps I was able to find.

Rotary Seawalk, Campbell River | cycle touring Campbell Rver

If you're coming into the Campbell River from the south along the old coastal highway, for the last 6kms you'll see the Rotary Seawalk off to the right. It's multi-purpose, cyclists and pedestrians. The road gets pretty busy, though there is still a designated cycling lane, so the Seawalk is a great way to first meet Campbell River, if you have time for a more leisurely pace.


Campbell River Bike Routes 


This is the best cycling routes map I could find. The map itself is not that detailed, so I've included another more detailed parks map following. This map (click on map or section title above to go to original) separates commuter from recreational routes, both of which will work well for most cycle tourists, and also shows some future routes.

When I'm coming into town from the south on the old coastal highway, I'll often take the seaside Rotary Trail unless I'm in a hurry. Coming up on the big inland highway, you can take the Jubilee exit at the south of town, then turn north onto Dogwood, which has a fine bike lane into centre town for some kms until the shopping area.

Campbell River bike routes map |  cycle touring Campbell River

City of Campbell River Parks Map 


Click on the map below, or the section title above, to go to the online map also shown below (things just got too tiny if I included the legend in the map below). It has a legend that shows which tracks are (for example) mountain biking and multi-use trails, along with local points of interest. That said, it is not really a city cycling route map (alas). 

In black, you can see the old highway along the coast, as well as the big inland highway coming down into town from further inland. 

Campbell River Parks Map | cycle touring Campbell River